Extra Correspondent Pregnant


 Terri Seymour will be getting an EXTRA special present next year.  Terri Seymour and boyfriend, British model, Clark Mallon, are expecting a child together.

Terri made the announcement on the entertainment show.  She said, I’m extremely excited and really happy to say I’m pregnant.  Clark and I are going to be a mummy and daddy.”

Seymour is 4 months along and plans to learn the baby’s sex soon.

Clark added that it is finally sinking in now… in a good way.

Terri and Clark are not the only ones excited about the baby news.  Simon Cowell called dibs on the roll of godfather.  Terri said it only makes sense because she is Simon’s son, Eric’s, godmother.

Published: October 8th, 2014 at 16:47
Categories: Celeb Gossip, Celebrity Baby