Dean Cain is A Single Dad


Lois & Clark star, Dean Cain, is a Superdad!  He says that raising his 14 year old son on his own has been his greatest and toughest role yet. 

Cain tells People Magazine, that his son is his favorite person on the whole planet and they share a special bond.  Dean has sole custody of Christopher, 14.

Cain says that stability-wise this is what is best for his son.  Though he says it can be difficult shuffling from work on a set to PTA meetings and field trips.  “I’ve learned to make the decisions that put him first”, Dean added to the magazine.

Dean even includes Christopher’s half siblings in their life.  The 3 year old twins are often at our house.  Dean says, “I’d do anything for those two… It can be defined as a broken home, but if you hang out at our house that’s the last thing you will think.”

Published: August 27th, 2014 at 8:19
Categories: Celeb Gossip, Celebrity Baby