Daphne Oz Exclaims Practice Does Not make Perfect


TV Host, Daphne Oz, says that motherhood is so much harder than she imagined.  She told The Bump Magazine, “You just care so much, and want everything to be perfect.  Even though you know it never can be, you keep trying your best.  It’s never enough.”

Daphne welcomed daughter Philomena Bijou in February and admits all the books in the world can’t completely prepare you for life with a baby.

She said Motherhood is not something you can learn from a distance.  You need to jump in headfirst and get your hands dirty.  She says that you have not lived until you’ve been pooped, peed or barfed on by your own child.  And, oddly, it is not that gross.

She ends with:  “I’m a new, hopefully better, version of me now, with lots more to care and think about, and a lot more personal knowledge too.”

Published: August 26th, 2014 at 8:16
Categories: Celeb Gossip, Celebrity Baby