Baby Rumors Getting Stronger for Middleton and Prince William?

It’s been a few weeks since Prince William spilled to Katie Couric how excited he is to start a family with wife Kate Middleton. Photos of alleged baby bumps and rumors about possible pregnancies for Middleton have been circulating for months, but when Couric asked Prince William if there was anything he would like to share, he said, “You won’t get anything out of me. Tight lipped.”

Though nor confirming nor denying the start of a royal family, it is expected that the couple’s first daughter will have a name honoring the current Queen and Prince William’s late mother. If Middleton and Prince William welcome a baby girl, her middle names will be Elizabeth and Diana.

The baby speculation isn’t coming from just the media, but even the Queen herself. It’s reported that Queen Elizabeth has urged Middleton to make starting a family her top priority. As if direct orders from the Queen weren’t enough, the royal monarch spoke to moms and citizens as she recently appeared at the opening of the maternity ward she opened, the Diamond Jubilee Maternity Unit. Nothing says subtlety like opening a maternity ward.

This is quite a bit of baby pressure for Middleton, but she must be just as excited as the rest of us awaiting baby news!

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